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#30  “Eternal Light and Love” Spirit Dancer
May we all strive for Eternal Light and Love on this earth and in the next realm.........

Her headdress (fashioned from clay) is symbolic of the sun’s Light...
Her right hand holds a dream catcher with an iridescent heart of love....
Her left hand holds a painted “Pueblo Tewa”... symbolic of the Creator....
Her necklace (fashioned from clay) holds Sacred turquoise and the symbol of Eternity....
Her stand is painted with Native designs to tie the colors together....
Her dress is white fabric with a multitude of tiny stars, as is her extra shawl draped over her right wrist.
Her feathered cloak is symbolic of our “winged carriers” who take our supplications to the Creator.

My new "Spirit Dancers" are a minimum of 12" tall!

Many have asked how I create them....

I begin with polymer clay and I use an Exacto Knife point, a dental pick and a carpet needle to fashion the facial features and then bake the head.  I truly have no plan, design, pattern, and no blueprint.  Each "Dancer" leads me along choosing paint colors, fabrics, drawings, etc.

(Each Dancer requires a minimum of 5-10 days to create.)

Truly, the Spirit leads my mind and my hands and  

I feel an incredible sense of honor and responsibility

upon completion of each Dancer!

Email your questions re prices, sales, commissioned pieces, etc.

"Grandmother Deer Blessings"  Spirit Dancer   ----  (March 8, 2021) 

She finally gave me her name ....

There are pictographs on the shield and on her dress relative to the deer (look closely on her dress for the 4 children) ---- on right staff, 4 Zuni bird fetishes for my 4 grandchildren --- Eye of God (Ojo de Dios) on her left staff with Dream Catcher (Gramma’s dreams)

The antlers were a bit tough! At first, I made them out of clay but did not like them! I was “told” to roll the clay up in a ball, fashion antlers out of wire and cover said wire with the clay. It worked much easier although lots of time involved.

Her face paint and her wide eyes are symbolic of the deer. Her facial expression appears to have a sense of caring and compassion with a message of “be less anxious and keep focused”.

 In Native America, it is believed that People of the Deer are gentle peacemakers who love passionately and completely as they move softly but swiftly through times of crisis.

Interestingly, all three tribes, i.e. Wyandot/Huron, White Earth Chippewa and Shawnee, embrace the Deer Clan in their respective cultures. (SHE FOUND A HOME!)

“PRIDE’S PRIDE” Spirit Dancer 

The pride we hold for the Greatest Country of all times is beyond comprehension!  May The Higher Power Bless all those who stand for Freedom,Our Constitution, AND The Rule of Law!!!

“Child of the Eagle,” Spirit Dancer

The Eagle, highly revered in Native America for its ability to fly closest to the Creator with our supplications, is honored by young male dancers who spend hours and hours learning the traditions of the dance as well as the correct movements in rhythm to the drumbeats. Each Dancer is responsible for creating his entire costume as well! (My oldest brother was an accomplished Eagle Dancer prior to his early demise.)

The Ojibwa people view the snake as a symbol of healing and, due to its ability to shed its skin, other tribal groups associate the snake with re-birth.

The Hopi people believe the snake is blessed with the ability to carry our prayers to the Creator for needed rain and honor this gift with their Snake Dances.

I have blended the two Messengers in this dancer.

(Eagle’s Head with feathers above beaded headband; painted Eagle Dancer on wooden disc hanging from left staff; silver feather on right staff; turquoise stone atop each staff and on top of moccasins; genuine coral and jet stones on braids and rawhide belt and on the ends of the beaded “snake” breastplate; painted clouds on pant legs; “silver-coned” feathers on edges of fur cloak; Mesquite base with matching rawhide strips. There is an anchored “stabilizing” bamboo rod running up the right leg (inside pant leg) to the Dancer’s waist........ (3 weeks in the creating process.)

This Dancer stands on a piece of mesquite wood with turquoise stones and a bear paw; his headband continues the design in his breastplate with silver cones; his braids are entwined with beads and 4 bear fetishes, one of which is carved in pipestone (from the sacred quarry in Minnesota, a place which all warring tribes understood to be neutral territory while they collected the red stone for their pipes). His fur cloak is covering his right arm that is holding a painted medallion of the Bear Spirit on the Sacred Hoop background. The left staff hosts beads and another bear fetish.  There is a piece of turquoise on his moccasin. 



She dances for “Change, Balance and Divine Providence” Spirit Dancer.

She is loaded with detail.... the Butterfly on her head represents Change, Balance and Messages from “those who have gone before” ..... the “Ojo de Dios” (Eye of God) held in her hands represents the “All Seeing Divine Providence” ..... she honors the gift of life from the sun on her chest.


"Freedom" Spirit Dancer

I cannot sing or play musical instruments. I have only one small voice to contribute! However, I have been blessed with a bit of creativity which I have used to enhance my words! “Freedom Spirit Dancer” (4 days of work! Whew!) 

Notice the words on the wooden disc!

May she dance her Prayer while twirling throughout the Universe in order to preserve Our Great Country!











"On Hummingbird Wings" Spirit Dancer

This was a commissioned piece for a very dear friend of mine who lost her daughter.  She so loved hummingbirds and oftentimes would sit on her front porch and hold one in her hand!

This was pure joy to create!!


"White Buffalo Gift" Spirit Dancer

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptecincala Ska Wakan): The Gift of the Sacred Pipe

The Seven Sacred Rites (symbolized by the 7 small feathers hanging from the pipe) are traditional rituals used with the sacred pipe in accordance with the Buffalo Calf Woman’s teachings.

Sioux legend tells of a young woman (2,000 years ago) who first appeared in the shape of a white buffalo who gave the Lakota’s ancestors a sacred pipe with sacred ceremonies and made them Guardians of the Black Hills. Before leaving, WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN prophesied that one day she would return to purify the world, bringing back spiritual balance and harmony. The birth of a white buffalo calf would be a sign that her return was at hand.






“Ancient Voices” Spirit Dancer   If only we would listen to the Ancient Ones to find peace and harmony.

“Bear Medicine for Peace Spirit Dancer” (#14 Spirit Dancer)

The Medicine Wheel (also referred to as the Sacred Hoop) in Native America has been utilized by numerous tribes as a healing tool for sickness, balance and harmony and a means by which to bring about peace among all people.

Each of the Four Directions (East, South, West, and North) is represented by a color such as black, red, yellow, and white. Interestingly, for some tribes, the colors stand for the human race. The Directions can also symbolize: Stages of life: birth, youth, adult (or elder), death. Seasons of the year: spring, summer, winter, fall. Aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical. Elements of nature: fire (or sun), air, water, and earth. Animals: Eagle, Bear, Wolf, Buffalo and many others. Ceremonial plants: tobacco, sweet grass, sage, cedar.
This has been an extremely loooong and extra-hot and dry 2020 summer.... the end is on the horizon! In the meantime, perhaps “Conjuring Rain” Spirit Dancer can join forces with our feathered friends (left staff) and send supplications for numerous raindrops! (Left staff). Her beaded adornments symbolize the glistening rain as symbolized in the painting on her buckskin shirt (rain clouds, lightning and rain) The brown stand represents the brown earth awaiting the “greening from the much-needed rain” needed everywhere!


“Cleanser of The Earth Spirit Dancer” The mythical “Thunderbird” in Native America is considered to have great powers for extinguishing evil.... Thunder is the sound of the flapping wings and lightning is the glint in the bird’s eye ... rather like a warning that a Cleansing of the Earth is forthcoming. Oh that an immediate cleansing would happen! ...... I painted a different “symbolism” of Thunderbird with a bolt of lightning on the white buckskin shirt and on the leggings. On the Dancer’s left staff is a bolt of lightning I fashioned from a thin sheet of aluminum.... and another bolt of lightning on the base. The face paint symbolizes angry grey clouds with lightning bolts emanating therefrom. His braids (thrown over his shoulders) are not showing because I did not want to cover the shirt painting. Braids are tied off with 2 silver arrowheads,symbolizing the Thunderbird’s Warrior spirit in eradicating evil. This Dancer appears to be upset and “on guard!” This one took a lot of my energy this time!

WOW! What an incredible review on “Cleanser of the Earth!” .....Thank you Mortakai LeBeaque!

“I agree with the statement that the Dancer appears to be upset and "on guard." Totally appropriate for what is going on in our world today.

The lightning bolt on the base is particularly striking because it is white on black and stands out. In viewing the "whole" dancer from a distance, you appreciate the warrior nature. But the warrior nature is not combative but rather righteous reckoning

The message you were moved to create is heard loud and clear. Looking at the dancer, he portrays many of the feelings inside of me. Good job. Let's hope soon you will be led to create a dancer of love and light.”


“Native Guardian Spirit Dancer” .... For my White Earth Chippewa cousin living in Idaho who was given the name “Wolf Protector of The People.” 

I would never disrespect his tribal name by using it on this Spirit Dancer.....a slight altercation instead ... I painted the wolf on the rawhide shirt rather than use his name in the title.       
The 2 round discs on his left staff symbolize the logos of his two tribes, Sioux and Chippewa. The feathers on his right staff symbolize our feathered Messengers to the Creator, carrying supplications on our behalf.
The Dancer stands amid rocks on the base symbolizing his grounded commitment to his people.       
I felt so honored to create this for him - especially knowing about the hundreds of people from many tribes whom he has helped to get enrolled in their tribes!!
“Native Enchantment Spirit Dancer"
Shades of lavender.... beaded hemline, beautiful amethyst necklace with a tiny Dream Catcher ... beaded belt ... agate bear on top of her left staff. Right staff hosts glass beads .... she is magical!


“Creation 1” seemed lonely so, it was only right that I gave him company - thus “Creation 2 Spirit Dancer”.....


There is so much detail... a necklace with white quartz & orchid amethyst stones with a turtle (again, Huron/Wyandot legend of Creation )... silver beads on her braid ribbons, silver “jingles” on her belt, her dress matches His shawl, her cloak matches His shirt. Her staff has beautiful feathers & she holds the promise of newness via the buds on the branches in her right hand. On her base is yet another turtle on the “world”....... notice the face paint tying them together!..... (I may have neglected to explain his base... it reminded me of the ocean and the floor below from where the turtle arose with humanity on its back! The seashells on the sand - and his seashell necklace - symbolize the gifts from the blue depths.) ... As I worked on her, I felt it only right that he was on the art table directing my hand. They both guided me and I could almost feel their growing bond as I worked for the past 3 days! (SHE HAS FOUND A HOME!)




I am trying my best to avoid this ugly world by staying at my art table until the wee hours of each morning! 3 am last night!

I just completed

"Creation 1" Spirit Dancer .....

Based upon the Huron Creation Story wherein all of creation was brought upon the back of the turtle from the oceans to land.
There is a turtle on the sand-filled base and painted on the face of the Dancer. In addition, the Hope within Creation is symbolized by the bird in the Branch. (HE HAS FOUND A HOME!)


Just completed “Orion’s Belt Spirit Dancer" ..... The Ojibwa (Chippewa) People call this constellation “Kabibona'kan,” the Winter Maker, as its presence in the night sky heralds winter. In December of 2011, Orion seemed to appear in the Eastern Sky after I returned home from NY where Stafford’s last words to me were: “It’s alright Mom. Now I just need to take a nap.” I search for Orion’s Belt every Winter and sure enough, there are the 3 Kings (some say sisters) shining as brightly as Stafford’s smile! .... I envision my 3 Kings (my sons) looking over me . Surely this “Spirit Dancer” is gliding through space and time around the 3 Kings with everlasting gifts of love and light! (The winged creatures carry all supplications, thus, 3 birds for my sons.)






The "Golden Harvest Spirit Dancer" is on the horizon!


This Spirit Dancer will aid in healthy crops! She is holding a “cornstalk basket” filled with Indian corn and pine cones. The Paiute Indians in Nevada host the pine nut festival each year!

Pine nuts and corn are “staples” in tribal communities.

"Red Sun" Spirit Dancer is only about 7” tall ......

but she is a giant with her message.... even her expression is sad.... In her right hand is a small painting I did and I was a bit surprised to see that the sun appears to be ominous. There are two gorgeous beads on her white-rope-wrapped Staff ... two orbs in space? None of this was planned.... it just “happened!”




Wow and Wow!! This is “Bear Spirit Dancer” .... I felt so many emotions while creating her! This was truly a 4-day “affair of the spirits”!!!!

 “Blessings of Liberty” Spirit Dancer is in honor of ALL Americans fighting for Freedom and Liberty!









This "Man in the Maze Spirit Dancer " is my 2nd commissioned piece and, I dare say, I have spent about 6 days creating, redoing, refashioning, and "finally getting it!" The Dancer is 12" tall, not counting the branches and stand.





"Bird Song Spirit Dancer"

12” tall ...

First Commissioned Piece

My first “clay face”... notice painted bird symbols on skirt.

Bird necklace, forehead bird, bird fetishes on rawhide strips and on mask.

Way too much fun!!

These are my Huron/Wyandot depictions of the Dancing Spirits sending supplications to the Creator on our behalf.

May the spirits surround you - bestowing peace and harmony!!!


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"Bear Spirit Dancer" on a silver concho

Honoring the Power and Strength of the Bear

$65 +$7 shipping and handling

"First Snow" Mini Spirit Dancer

 $65 + $7 shipping SOLD

"Star Dancer" 

Beautiful gold thread fabrics -

siver disc covered with beautiful lace ..

Imagine yourself dancing among and for our celestial and sparkling night twinklers!! (Earrings included)

$65 plus $7 priority mailing)

"Dawn Dancer" .. I worked on this piece for 3 days & the entire time, I heard the soft drumming of the dawn drums! (Hide covered disc for backing) $45 + $7 priority mailing

"Moon Dancer" on a beautiful abalone shell. $45 +$7 Priority Mailing

"Starlight Dancer" 

Native attire w/turq

double necklace & belt w/stars Ceremonial face paint

Brown braid

Glittery shawl

Silver earrings w/hanging turq/silver in a "cage "

($45 plus $7 priority mailing.)

Moon Child Dancer..on a siver ainted disc ... $45 plus $7 prority mailing (SOLD)

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