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  • Sandi (Thursday, September 26 13 01:20 pm EDT)

    Sandi Whipple
    01:48 PM on April 03, 2011
    I couldn't be happier with my 7 purchases so far. Even more so for the purchase my niece made. She kept watching the mailbox for several days. Yesterday, I told her the mail hadn't arrived yet as the
    flag was still up (I had outgoing mail). She put her coat on and went to check anyway. When she came back into the house she was so disappointed and said, "you were right, it's not here yet". A few
    minutes later she went running outside screaming "the mail's here"! Once again, she was didappointed as your package wasn't in the mail. But in fact, it was! She was just so eager and excited that
    she didn't see it. After, maybe, 15 seconds (possibly 10), she had it open. She screamed, "Margaret sent me my phone bag, and look, she put a butterfly on it"! Once she had her phone, bank card and
    cash in it, she said, "I'm calling Margaret to thank her". When I heard her say, Margaret, I love you, thank you so much", I teared up and had to leave the room. Her excitement and pleasure were
    overwhelming. Thank you my dear friend for making my niece so happy.

    Your friend,

  • Carol Carnes Schaefer (Thursday, September 12 13 08:53 pm EDT)

    I have to tell everybody what a genius idea Margaret came up with--the NECKTIE POUCH that I wear around my neck in the house to hold my cordless phone. If I should fall in the house/yard and need
    help, all I have to do is take my phone out of the pouch and dial 911 or a neighbor. Being able to "wear" my phone has reduced my worries about getting help while I'm at home alone in lieu of calling
    a "middle man" who would merely call 911 for me. Compared to approximately $35 a month for an Alert Service, I only spent a pittance for this security. I LOVE IT!

  • Carol Carnes Schaefer (Thursday, July 04 13 05:05 pm EDT)

    Margaret, you continue to amaze me with your talents as an artist. I am so proud of the sandstone piece you carved called "Sisters." It means more to me than I can say. And thank you, dear friend,
    for creating the camera case for me. The fabric is awesome.

  • Sandi Whipple (Friday, August 26 11 07:07 pm EDT)

    Let's see now. I've covered a few birthdays, a congratulations gift, and I've even got a few Christmas gifts set aside. After 7 telephone pockets, 3 wine bags, and 4 shoulder bags, I'm trying to to
    figure out which item I liked the most!@#? They're all WONDERFUL. What makes them so wonderful, is the look on each individuals face that I gave them to. My friend Nancy goes nowhere without her
    phone pocket that you made especially for her. My niece Dana brags and shows hers off and is proud and tickled that she is the only one in her so called circle to have one. Gayle's western shoulder
    bag was the biggest hit. There's really no way to thank you for the beautiful, well made, one of a kind gifts you've made by special order for my friends.
    Thank You Margaret,

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